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Paper Lamination Machine

Paper Lamination Machine

Sleek and Sturdy in Design it occupies less space and gives the Optimum. Performance in terms of Value and Money. Other Sizes available are 30" / 36" / 42" / 48" Reel to Reel Attachment and Film Slitting system provided with the machines Window Attachment can be provided with the machine against extra cost.

What is fil lamination ?

The Process Of applying the clear polyster or PVC film on paper or board with the help of adhesive is defined as lamination.

Print Feeding

Printed/ Blank sheets to the laminating station by hand on the conveyor table. An adjustable underlap of sheets is accurately maintained at all laminating speeds. A self adjusting head allows for wide variation of thickness in the print stock.

Film & Adhesive

The solvent adhesive used for laminating is dried by passing over the heating chamber and by blown hot air. The film is bonded to the printed sheet after passing through the pressure roller made of chromed steel and ruberand are latter delivered to rewind shaft or separated immediately.


Delivery of finishes lamination is through the back of the laminator to rewind shaft. Sheets may be separated immediately, if desired.

Electric Controls

Machine is easy to operate & control and all electrical controls are housed in a neat panel board mounted unit easily controlled by operator.

Technical Specification

Lamination Width ( max.) 600 mm ( 24" ) x any length
Speed Maximum 600 mts/hour 1800' / hour
Electrical Requirement 750 Watts Single Phase
Power Load 1.75 KW
Roll Diameter ( Film ) 300 mm ( 12" ) Min.
Dimensions ( D x W x H ) 1800 mm x 1500 x 1950 mm
Weight Approx. 900 Kilograms